The entire humankind is in chaos due to the infamous Corona Virus. It has put the world under quite a predicament and you in quarantine.

Either you are back in your home because your college or university was shutdown or your office has asked you to work from home. One way or the other, you are home, and it is not much you can do when at home. Boredom right now is inevitable. But worry not, because we have made a list of activities you can do to make your time at home more bearable and enjoyable.

Here are our 10 Things you can do while you are stuck in quarantine.


It is time you take out all your favorite board games and challenge your family, your GF/BF, or your roommates. Boardgames are excellent boredom busters, they are a great way to pass the time and have loads of fun. It is also an excellent tool to connect with your loved ones.
So set up your Monopoly and distribute those fake dollars and go on buying property and leaving people bankrupt at the end. Or take out those deck of cards and see who has the best poker face.


This one is rather obvious, but it is time for some binge-watching. Be it your favorite TV show from the past or something new that you have wanted to watch but never got the time. Well, now you have plenty of time to get hooked to it.
You also have time to start a movie marathon. You can either watch movies of your favorite genre or your favorite franchise. And of course, some reality TV is nothing but pure fun.


Popcorn should not be the only snack you munch on while you binge-watch or play some board games. It is time you do some cooking and learn to make new recipes that may come handy even if you are not in quarantine.

Cooking is not just something you do for fun, but it can also save you some money. Eating out is fun but not always healthy and easy on the wallet. Now is the perfect time to learn how to cook or brush up on your old cooking skills.


If you want to be in one place and still travel to another place without having to leave your home, pick up a book and voila. Reading a good book is highly prescribed to cure boredom.
Reading is a novel hobby. It expands your thinking allowing more creativity to seep in. So go ahead, pick up a good book and put on the kettle and start daydreaming.


Have you always wanted to change the way your indoors look, maybe you want to move that couch around, flip your mattress, or organize the shelves in your kitchen.
Now is a perfect time. You are home and have the time to make the best use of your organizational skills. You can always take some inspiration from Maria Kondo.


We all accumulate so much dirt and pollution on our faces that any beauty measure we take does not last long. Well, now they can because you do not have to go out and can just stay indoors away from dust and sun.

Put on some homemade face mask or do a little manicure pedicure and relax while you listen to some soothing music. You can also learn to take your makeup game up a notch by looking at some youtube tutorials.


While we are on the topic of pampering yourself, you should make sure to include some exercise in as well. Just because you are sitting at home, watching Netflix and cooking, does not mean you should put on that extra weight.

In order to stay in shape, you do not have to go to a gym. You can just as easily do it by doing some exercises at home. You can also do some yoga and mediation for some mindfulness.


One of the excellent ways to kill time is by playing videogames. The great thing about videogames is you an enjoy them with someone or all by yourself. So turn on your Xbox or Nintendo and get lost in the fantasy world.


Our hectic lifestyle often leaves us with little time to send with our cute little furry friends at home. This is an excellent opportunity to lay and spend some time with your cats, dogs, rabbits, or any other pets. Lay with them or teach them a new trick or simply watch them do goofy things and look cute.


Practice makes perfect! An age old phrase, and it applies to this legendary sport as well. There is a common belief; alcohol eliminates viruses. Well then what are you waiting for? Get a lot of beer and do not waste it in regular drinking; might as well put up a table and play for perfection. Become a champion in this sport and come challenge us. Beat us at our own game.

Well, here is our list. Being in quarantine does not have to be boring. You can make your time enjoyable while you maintain social isolation to keep yourself and others safe.