Best Places to Stay in Madrid

Vacationing is a much-needed escape from the daily events of your normal life. From exploring the town to shopping to trying local cuisine, the entire experience is probably going to consist of many new things. At the end of the day, you are going to need a place to rest your head. The following are […]

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5 Day Trips From Madrid

Making the most out of your visit to Madrid should also include a day trip, if possible. During any of the following trips, you will get the opportunity to experience even more of the rich culture that Spain has to offer. These destinations are suitable for all ages and can often include many additional activities […]

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Best Coffee Shops in Madrid

Whether you are interested in an early morning wake-up call or an after dinner pick me up, coffee is easy to find in Madrid. There are countless coffee shops and cafes available for your choosing, all filled with plenty of aromatic flavors. Drinking coffee is a huge part of the Madrid lifestyle, and the following […]

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Top St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

The time of year when parties are flooded with a sea of green and a seemingly endless supply of beer – St. Patrick’s Day! The best part about this holiday is that it seems to only revolve around drinking, which gives you the perfect opportunity to throw an incredible party. If you want to host […]

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Surviving Winter in Madrid

As the days turn to months, staying warm during the Winter in Madrid can become a challenging task. Even though snowfall is extremely rare, the crisp air and chilly wind have the ability to sneak up on you. Instead of barricading yourself inside all day long, look to these tips for staying warm: Soup and […]

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