If you have been playing Beer Pong for a little while now, you will probably start to notice a pattern. There are certain teams that are hilariously entertaining, and the best part is, you continue to encounter them. In fact, it’s safe to say that you will definitely observe at least one or two teams from this list at your next party:

1. The “We aren’t that good” Team

The statement appears very humble, both players echoing words that suggest that have limited experience or are just downright awful. Once you step up to face them though, they are usually the ones who dominate the game!

2. The Veterans

This is by far the most commonly encountered team setup. These players usually hog the table because of their insane skills (or is it just drunken luck?). Either way, you know that if by some miracle you do beat them, your name will go down in history.

3. The Mix-Match

This is a team that is made up of an unlikely pairing. Whether it be the gnarliest guy in the room paired with the most petite and quiet girl, the results of them playing together will definitely surprise you.

4. The Going Going Gone!

This pairing is wasted, so much so that they don’t even realize that they are playing a game of Beer Pong. Stumbling occurs, maybe even some spillage. One thing that is guaranteed is that their incessant musings will be totally hilarious.

5. The Beginners Luck

A true team of first-timers, this player match usually goes one of two ways. The team will either suck and you’ll feel sorry for them, pouring them a pity beer. Or, on the flipside, they take over the entire game in a glorious wave of beginners luck.

6. The Couple

Kissing in between throws and little remarks like, “you got this, baby!” can be heard. This pair is in a relationship, and if you can stomach their mushy banter, you just might be surprised at how well they play together since they do know everything about one another.


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By Kristen Nadel.