Want to learn how to achieve master status at Beer Pong? These tips will help all players of any skill level. Pretty soon, your friends are going to be seeking advice from you, all while you stand there smiling and winning game after game. Check it out:

  1. Don’t let your opponent psyche you out – always practice your best poker face! Intimidation is a huge tactic, but you can learn to not let it impact your game play by focusing within.
  1. On the flip side, work on your confidence! You don’t want to taunt the other players in a negative way, but giving them a few snarky remarks won’t hurt. The goal is to build yourself up while making your opponent question himself.
  1. Keep the drinks flowing! If you keep your buzz going, you are going to be even more amped to play your best game. Start drinking up to 90 minutes before you play, but remember to not go too overboard.
  1. Pick a teammate that you know well. Chances are, if you’ve known each other for some time, you will be able to mesh well with their moves and the way that they play. If anything, pick someone GOOD if you know that you suck!
  1. Play all the time! Cliche as it seems, practice makes perfect. Even if it’s just you and a buddy over, play a quick game to enhance your skills. Any occasion is the perfect one for a game of Beer Pong
  1. Have a strategy when it comes to your aim! Shoot for closer cups, and once you have gotten them out of the way, re-rack your remaining cups. This method makes the game easier for most.
  2. Remember, at the end of the day, this is a GAME. Everything is done in good fun, and if you are not having fun, then you are doing something wrong.

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By Kristen Nadel.