The go-to party game to get you wasted and test out your motor skills at the same time – infamous Beer Pong. Chances are, you have played this game before many times as it requires very little effort and creates the maximum potential to have a fun drunken night with your pals. Whether you have played a game at a college frat party or amongst friends at a house party, you are likely to be familiar with this classic.

It seems to go back for decades, at least judging by the stories that your parents’ have recounted. But where did the first game take place? One of the earliest theories suggests that the students of Dartmouth invented the game back in the 50’s. For their creation, the game was played more like traditional ping pong, utilizing paddles to hit the ball. Another theory states that those who attended Bucknell created the game in the 70’s, playing it paddle-free like the version that we are used to today.

A 1980s Delta Upsilon frat party at Bucknell, photo courtesy of Michael Minor

There is a lot of back and forth when it comes to settling on a single creator of the beloved game. To throw in a bit of confusion, there is also the alternative name of “Beirut” that is essentially used to describe the exact same game. The reason for the name change? No one really knows for sure. Some believe that this may have happened due to the international conflict in that area during the 80’s, but not everyone is convinced that the name change was anything more than someone’s drunken idea.

Regardless of the exact history, it is safe to say that Beer Pong is one of the world’s most widely played drinking games. Whether you decide to play it the old-fashioned way with paddles, or just want to stick with the familiar throwing of the ball into the red Solo cups, you are likely to be in store for a fun time.

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By Kristen Nadel.