Whether you are interested in an early morning wake-up call or an after dinner pick me up, coffee is easy to find in Madrid. There are countless coffee shops and cafes available for your choosing, all filled with plenty of aromatic flavors. Drinking coffee is a huge part of the Madrid lifestyle, and the following spots are worth a visit.

  • Toma Cafe

Calle de la Palma, 49, 28004

Described as small and cozy, the Toma is a favorite. They are well-known for having delicious cold brew and a staff that is always friendly. There is a variety of seating for dates as well as working on your laptop.

  • Cafelito

Calle del Somberete, 20, 28012

This place is modern and quaint. If you are interested in stopping somewhere for dessert, they have several highly-praised pastries and cakes. They also have many flavor and milk options for your coffee drinks.

  • Cafe de Oriente

Plaza de Ote, 2, 28013

With a versatile appeal, there are seating options both indoors and outdoors. Every Friday, a live Jazz band can be heard. The atmosphere alone makes it worth a visit, not to mention their delicious food and drinks.

  • Lots Coffee House

Calle del Gral Oraa, 40, 28006

Straight and to the point, visit this cafe if you are in search of the perfect cup of coffee. The inside is small, making this one a take-away only spot. The customers praise the quality of their drinks.

  • Monkee Koffee

Calle Vallehermoso, 112, 28003

A bright and casual cafe, this one is not only known for coffee, but juice as well. People enjoy meeting up here to catch up or to study. There is plenty of seating and a lot of natural light that filters inside.

Although these are a handful of some of Madrid’s best, you will be able to find many other options to enjoy in addition to the ones listed above. Taking a roam around the city will lead you to even more possibilities. Because Madrid is walkable, you will get the advantage of experiencing more than one place to get a great cup of coffee if you feel like taking a stroll.