Need to find the best drinking games for small groups? You don’t need a particular reason to drink; from birthdays to holidays, one can celebrate with a couple of friends and a couple of cases. If beer pong and king’s cup is becoming too much of a routine at your kickbacks, try switching things up. There are so many ways to have fun while drinking (responsibly, of course). Check out these Best Drinking Games ideas that can liven up the party:

5 Best Drinking Games You’ve Never Heard Of


  • Straight Face – Each player must write a sentence out on a piece of paper, the more ridiculous and inappropriate, the better! Place the slips of paper into a bowl and have each player take turns choosing. Everyone must read their own paper without smiling, giggling, or laughing. If they fail, they have to drink.


  • Slip It In – This game gets more hilarious as the night goes on. Upon arrival, each guest gets a phrase that they are required to “slip in” throughout the night. If you use your phrase 5 times without anyone noticing, you get to designate someone to drink. If you get caught, you must drink.


  • Medusa – For this, you will need several shot glasses and a table. The shot glasses are filled and placed in the center with the players seated all around. Each person must start with their head on the table, and on the count, everyone lifts their head and stares at another player. You are safe if you find yourself looking at someone who is not looking at you. However, if you lock eyes with someone, you must should “Medusa!” and take a shot.


  • Concoctions – Play with caution! You’ll need a die and a kitchen to work with. Each player must roll, and depending on the number they land on, the rest of the players will make a concoction in the kitchen made up of the amount of items. They must eat/drink this concoction, and if they do, all the rest of the players must drink. If they opt out, they must drink.


  • Flip, Sip, or Strip – This can be played with groups of 3 or more. Take a coin and flip it, the player must call it in the air. If they guess correctly, the coin is passed to the next player. If they are incorrect, the coin is passed to the left, and they have to either take a sip of alcohol or take off an article of clothing. The kicker – You cannot choose to sip twice in a row (same goes for clothing removal).


Share these Best Drinking Games with your friends and add a bit of variety to your normal endeavors! Any of these games can be adjusted to suit your own party and your own rules.