So you’d like to experience the beauty of Madrid, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it? Luckily, there are plenty of free things that you can do this Fall that will allow you to experience the culture of the city like never before. This is the perfect itinerary for those who wish to explore whilst on a budget, both tourists and locals alike.

  • Museo del Prado

For a chance to catch a live glimpse of wonderful pieces of Spanish art dating as far back as the 14th century, stop by this museum. Thursday-Saturday from 6PM-8PM, and Sunday 5PM-8PM, admission is free!

  • Museo Taurino

A different type of museum, this one will get you near some bullfighting without actually having to step foot into an area. The art here illustrates the history of Spanish bullfighting, as well as displays costumes used by former matadors.

  • Palacio de Cristal

A beautiful structure in itself, this glass and wrought iron building encompasses a wonderful space for viewing art. It is surrounded by a lake and a park, making for a tranquil place to hang out.

  • El Rastro

If you have a Sunday morning free, stop by this outdoor flea market. Anything that you can imagine will be on sale from clothing to books to art. The peak time to go is around 11AM, with the foot traffic dying down at around 3PM.

  • El Retiro

This is another large, outdoor space. It is an abundant park made up of 350 acres of land. Stop by to relax and view the beautiful architecture. The park is open late, so you will be able to enter up until midnight each day.

  • El Tigre

No day is complete without some delicious food. The beauty of this small hole-in-the-wall bar is that the tapas are free when you purchase something to drink! Sit back and enjoy a chilled cider and your complimentary tapas.