Madrid – the Capital of Spain. Covering a sprawling expanse of over 604 square kilometres, Madrid is home to over 6 million people. The capital city is known for retaining its rich history and heritage. Buildings from different eras line the streets of Madrid, dating as far back as the 15th century. You can also find huge, elegant boulevards and manicured parks all over the city such as the Buen Retiro. Apart from an amazing atmosphere, Madrid comes with  A city full of amazing options, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the location for a new home in Madrid. We have come up with a pretty good list of what we consider, due to various factors, the best neighborhood in Madrid to live in. Go!

  • Malasaña:

If you’re looking for an area filled with fun and excitement, Malasana might be the ideal neighbourhood for you. Malasana is one of the most popular areas for young people and students finding an apartment. Malasana has a vibrant nightlife with clubs and bars lining the streets. In the day, Malasana is rather peaceful despite being close to the city center. At night, the area transforms into a lively entertainment district. It’s an awesome place for students in Madrid. In addition, Malasana is a well connected neighbourhood, close to many restaurants, shops and transport lines to places all over Madrid. 

Best neighborhood in Madrid


  • Alonso Martinez:

Rather close to Malasaña is Alonso Martinez. A slightly classier neighbourhood with higher prices but with far more peace and quiet. Without the bars and clubs, Alonso Martinez is instead filled with shopping streets and great restaurants. Furthermore, when you do want a taste of Madrid’s nightlife, Malasaña is only a short distance away from Alonso Martinez. So, if you’re looking for a more peaceful place in a good location, Alonso Martinez might be just the place for you!

Best neighborhood in Madrid


  • La Latina:

Moving on, we have a very affordable neighbourhood for those of you on a budget. La Latina is an old neighbourhood with centuries of history and heritage. You can experience true Spanish culture in La Latina. With its cobbled streets and numerous tapas bars, you can live just like a local. Furthermore, La Latina is much more peaceful than other areas such as Chueca and Malasana. Altogether, La Latina is a budget-friendly neighbourhood with many perks such as good food and an authentic Spanish experience. 

Best neighborhood in Madrid


  • Puerta del Sol:

Next, we have Puerta Del Sol. Situated in the heart of Madrid, Puerta Del Sol is undoubtedly the most connected and convenient location to live in. There are endless entertainment, retail and food establishments across the neighbourhood. From bars to cinemas, Puerta Del Sol gives you unparalleled convenience and travelling time. Of course, the center of Madrid does come with its cons. The neighbourhood is one of the busiest places in Madrid and the noise can definitely affect you. If you are someone who highly appreciates peace and quiet, Puerto Del Sol is not really the area for you. However, if you prioritise efficiency, this location could be the best for you!

Best neighborhood in Madrid


  • Las Cortes:

The final ‘best neighborhood in Madrid’ on our list is pricier but it offers the best of Madrid. We have the area of Las Cortes, Las Huertas and Paseo Del Prado. Extremely close to famous landmarks such as the Buen Retiro Park and the Golden Triangle, this group of neighbourhoods is an extremely beautiful place to live in. Many buildings here are refurbished historical buildings. The traditional and historic atmosphere adds to the charm of these lovely neighbourhoods. These are very well connected neighbourhoods to the rest of Madrid and offer many retail and dining options. Of course, due to their locations, getting a property here will be more expensive.

Best neighborhood in Madrid


Best neighborhood in Madrid: Where to stay

Finding the best neighborhood to live in Madrid might seem like a challenge. However, every location appeals to a different set of people. Whether you place budget first or you are in this for the wild nightlife of Madrid, there’s every type of neighbourhood you could ever dream of in Spain!