Learn New Language Under Quarantine

Now that we’re quarantined, everyone is thinking about how they finally have time to wake up early, finish that book, or that painting, to work out and not to waste time on their phones. If not now, then when? Well, then the reality kicks in after 3 days and people lose their self-discipline and realize […]

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10 Things to do while stuck in Quarantine

The entire humankind is in chaos due to the infamous Corona Virus. It has put the world under quite a predicament and you in quarantine. Either you are back in your home because your college or university was shutdown or your office has asked you to work from home. One way or the other, you […]

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Corona Extra, Heavy Edition

OK, so we entered hell. But lucky for us, it’s a temporary one. All we need to do now is minimizing the risk. We’re talking about a worldwide Netflix and chill session that’s going last for some weeks or so. Think you can do it? We mean, you’ve been doing it for years voluntarily so […]

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House Rules Of Beer Pong 2019

General: These rules are designed with three purposes in mind: Fairness to all players Efficiency in running a maximum number of games simultaneously Minimization of possible disputes between participant. Game Setup: Cup Formation 6 cups per team Starting formation is a “tight triangle” formation (rims touching), pointing towards the opposing side. The 6-cup triangle must […]

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WSOBP Madrid 2019 (27.04.19)

A very warm thank you to everyone who joined us for the World Series of Beer Pong at O’Brian. Check out the photos ! Click Here to see the full album.

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Private Event

If you’ve got a special occasion on the horizon and have been looking around for an original plan, then look no further! At BEER PONG MADRID we offer our activities and services for celebrations, meetings, and private events. Below are just a few examples of just some of the events we can help with, if […]

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World Series Of Beer Pong™ XIV Madrid

This is your chance to earn yourself a spot at The World Series of Beer Pong XIV! ?? Beer pong players and spectators are invited to participate in this day-long beer pong tournament, which offers at least one team of two the opportunity to compete in the WSOBP XIV, in Las Vegas (July 3-7, 2019). […]

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7 Reasons You’re (Obviously) Spaniard

You’re never late because no one’s “on time” You have a “very relaxed sense of time,” and it’s totally fine. Punctuality isn’t high on the priority list. Lateness isn’t considered rude. You eat “late” According to people in other parts of the world, you eat “too late.” Spaniards, on the other hand, think they eat […]

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