Fun College Party Themes

For a rager that will go down in history, an interesting party theme could add to the experience. It is simple to invite a few friends (and some friends of friends) over to hang out, but what if you would like to make things more fun? Check out these ideas for throwing the ultimate college […]

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College Flatmates You May Have in Freshman Year

Much anticipated is life away from home – you’re in college now! If you’re lucky, you will have a nice room with adequate space, and a flatmate who becomes your closest confidant. This is boring and predictable, right? Sharing a room with someone can prove to be a challenge, and sometimes a hilarious one. In […]

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The 6 Funny Teams You Will Play

If you have been playing Beer Pong for a little while now, you will probably start to notice a pattern. There are certain teams that are hilariously entertaining, and the best part is, you continue to encounter them. In fact, it’s safe to say that you will definitely observe at least one or two teams […]

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7 Secrets to Dominating Beer Pong

Want to learn how to achieve master status at Beer Pong? These tips will help all players of any skill level. Pretty soon, your friends are going to be seeking advice from you, all while you stand there smiling and winning game after game. Check it out: Don’t let your opponent psyche you out – […]

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Hanging out with friends is ideal, especially when the drinks are flowing and everyone is getting merrier by the minute. It usually only takes one restless mind to suggest that a game is played. Drinking games are fun for obvious reasons; while you are struggling to be the winner of your designated game, you are […]

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The go-to party game to get you wasted and test out your motor skills at the same time – infamous Beer Pong. Chances are, you have played this game before many times as it requires very little effort and creates the maximum potential to have a fun drunken night with your pals. Whether you have […]

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