Much anticipated is life away from home – you’re in college now! If you’re lucky, you will have a nice room with adequate space, and a flatmate who becomes your closest confidant. This is boring and predictable, right? Sharing a room with someone can prove to be a challenge, and sometimes a hilarious one. In your Freshman year, here are a few flatmates that you may encounter:

  • The Sleeper

As you wake up in the morning, you’ll notice that you are always up before him. In fact, when you get back from your classes, he is still asleep. Does he even go to class? This guy is relatively harmless and it is actually shocking to see him up moving around the dorm, let alone running into him in the halls.

  • The Slob

Inevitably, you will probably encounter someone who is messier than even you are. The imaginary line that divides your space is crossed on the daily with clothes, towels, papers, and trash. Now you understand why your mom nagged at you every day in high school to keep your room clean.

  • The Party Animal

This guy is your typical college bro, always at every party. It’s almost like the can be in 12 places at once. Having your roomie get in at 4AM each night can get annoying, but if anything, you always know who to hang with if you want to have a good time.

  • The Spoken For

This roomie is in a relationship, probably one that originated back to his high school days. When you came into the dorms for move in day, his girlfriend was probably there helping him set up. That isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing her, because she is there all the time, and it probably feels like you have an additional roommate.

  • The Tame

This guy probably rolls his eyes at you when you leave to go to a party the night before your big exam. He hardly ever goes out, let alone leaves the dorm. On the plus side, when you do need to buckle down and study, you know your room will always be a quiet space. Keep close with this one, because he could help you out in the long run!

By: Kristen Nadel.