Make Good Choices

From the very start, you made a choice to attend the college that you are studying at. Your career is going to be full of choices, some admittedly made in haste or with the intention of putting fun over hard work. Keeping the balance in your life during this time is going to be one of the most useful skills that you will learn. It will help you decide when to go to those ragers and when to pass and have an early night in instead.

Time Matters

A good rule of thumb is that if you have a class that starts at 10AM or earlier, do NOT attend that party the night before. You will thank yourself at the end of the semester when your grades are up and you aren’t required to do extra work. If you know that there is a function that you’d like to attend but you have homework to do, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself. Find a happy medium! During your break time when you would normally take a nap, work on your homework so that you have time to party later on.

Be The Voice of Reason

When you get into a practical routine, your limits are going to be tested because of your friends and other distractions. All it takes is a few of your friends to lure you into staying out until 3AM with them. Don’t be afraid to speak up and break away from the pack from time to time. One of the greatest things that you will learn about in college is yourself. Know that you are an individual and your choices will reflect your life later on. Who knows, you may just be the inspiration that your friends are looking for.