For a rager that will go down in history, an interesting party theme could add to the experience. It is simple to invite a few friends (and some friends of friends) over to hang out, but what if you would like to make things more fun? Check out these ideas for throwing the ultimate college party:

  • Black Light

This theme is simple and does not require much prep. Simply set up black lights around the room and make sure to block out any additional lighting that may come through the windows and from other light sources. Encourage your party-goers to wear white and neon colors that will glow under the lights. You can even use glow paint to make the party extra radiant.

  • Rags to Riches

This type of party is fun because there is a timeline. Start it off outdoors by enjoying a nice cheap keg of beer. Don’t move indoors until the keg has been finished. Once you get in, switch things up to fancier cocktails and mixed drinks. The fun part is, guests can come dressed in either grungy clothes (rags) or nice clothes (riches).

  • Toga

A classic in the world of college parties – the toga party. Thanks to Animal House, this has been one of the most notorious party themes. People come dressed in togas, whether they be store-bought or simply a bed sheet fashioned into the stylish garb. Everyone will get creative with their outfits, making for a fun and interesting night.

  • Seven Deadly Sins

For the most variety when it comes to dressing up, try hosting a seven deadly sins party. The categories to choose from are: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, and sloth. Your friends will have a blast putting their outfits together, and then guessing who belongs to which category also becomes a game at the party.

  • CEOs and Office Hoes

A true contrast, for this party, the men dress up in business attire while the girls come decked out in their lingerie. The total difference in dress code will make for some hilarious party photos. Stock the bar with classy beverages and plenty of options for making mixed drinks.

By: Kristen Nadel.