A classic party game of choice – Beer Pong is always a favorite. If you ever get tired of the normal rules, there are plenty of ways that you can spruce up the game. Try out these new versions, and don’t be afraid to get creative and make your own custom version:

Russian Roulette Pong

Start with 6 cups on each side, arranged in a circle. Fill 5 of them with water and 1 with vodka. Do not let the players see which cup contains the vodka, and stick around to watch, for someone is about to get a big surprise!

Wormhole Pong

Arrange the cups as normal, but fill on per each side with a different kind of beer. These cups will be known as the “wormholes.” When a ball is landed into a wormhole, the players must switch places instead of drinking

Strip Pong

Played exactly like Beer Pong, but with a fun twist! Nobody will be shy once this game has been completed. Each time a ball is landed, someone from the opposing team must remove an article of clothing, as well as drink the cup.

Distance Pong

This is another version of the game that utilizes the exact same rules as the original but offers an additional challenge. Make the players stand further away from the table, and take cover for all of the stray balls.

Whether you like to change things up or play by the normal rules, there is a version of Beer Pong for everyone. Now that you have some new ideas about the game, put your skills to the test at our weekly tournaments in Madrid! Take a look and get signed up at www.beerpongmadrid.es