College is a time when you learn how to expand your mind and multi-task like never before. It is almost expected that you are going to be more often exhausted than not. Getting enough sleep is not only necessary, it is essential. Without the rest that you need, your brain is going to have a hard time focusing on classes, homework, and possibly even social interaction. These are a few great ways to promote better sleeping habits in your life:

No Screens Before Bed

An hour before you plan on dozing off, put your phone down. This also applies to tv screens and computer screens. While it may seem like a great way to unwind, the glow from any of these screens actually has the ability to keep you from falling asleep. Your mind will also be stimulated, therefore causing another distraction.

Create a Caffeine Curfew

While it is probably very tempting to drink an espresso before writing your essay late at night, think about the consequences you will face. Any type of caffeine from coffee to that in sugary sodas will hinder your ability to finally get some shut eye when you are ready.

Avoid All Nighters

Most college students see all nighters as an investment; you stay up all night in order to finish everything in order to get more rest the next night. These very rarely work out in a way that saves you energy or time. Your brain relies on sleep to recharge, and breaking that cycle can be very tough circumstances to work under.

Try to Eat Healthy

While you don’t have to completely change your diet, incorporating healthy foods into each meal will actually improve the quality of your sleep. Your body needs extra time to digest junk food and anything that is sugary or processed. Think twice about the fuel you are using to get through your week.

Find Exercise That You Enjoy

There is no greater feeling than an endorphin rush. After a nice workout or other physical activity, your body is going to feel refreshed. This will also help you wind down for the night, and it will allow you to have a more restful night of sleep.