Upon waking in the morning, locals will hear an influx of Spanish guitar sounds. The chords can be enjoyed everywhere, from live strumming at a quaint cafe to a soft hum on the radio. These sounds symbolize longing and lust to the local people, a perfect soundtrack to the day that awaits.

Another sound that is pleasing to the ears are the clacking heels of flamenco dancers. To those in Madrid, flamenco is a beautiful form of art, and not only a dance. It showcases passion and intensity that can be felt by all who watch the performance.

Art makes up a huge portion of what the city is known for. In Madrid, there are countless museums to be visited, several holding very famous works that people travel especially to catch a glimpse of. Even for those who live in Madrid, this artwork creates the backbone of the culture that runs so freely through the city.

When you work up an appetite, it is likely to seek some tapas. The fine finger foods of Madrid are known to be some of Europe’s very best. It is not uncommon to visit many tapas bars in a single day. Sweets are also a love of the locals. Madrid is home to chocolate cafes, historic by nature and deliciously satisfying.

Taking a look at the impressive city center, it is easy to see that the historic influence makes an appearance on a daily basis for Madrid locals. The architecture is prominent and bold, housing classic museums, restaurants, shops, and more. Feeling the buzz of energy from the city is one of the best experiences.