It’s the holiday season, and Madrid knows how to do it upright. Stroll the Christmas markets and get in the spirit. Here are the best Christmas markets in Madrid for 2018/2019.

Plaza de Navidad Plaza Mayor (through Dec. 31)

It’s a Christmas extravaganza at Plaza Mayor. This traditional fair has been held since the 19th century and features 104 stands and numerous nativities, Christmas adornments, food, toys, and more. It’s free to attend, so you can spend your money on treats, ornaments, and joke items. Wait, joke items? Yes! December 28 is the Spanish version of April Fool’s Day, the Day of the Holy Innocents.

Feria Dulces de Navidad (through Jan. 10)

This fabulous Christmas Sweets Fair is a joy to behold—and eat! If you love sweets or know people who do, you don’t want to miss this chance to load up on delectable cookies, candies, pestiños, marzipan, turrón, and polvorones. Experience the flavors of Spain.

Feria Culturas de Navidad (through Dec. 23)

Celebrate the season in Matadero Madrid, where 55 countries come together for the International Culture Fair. It also has an international Christmas market with food, handcrafted items, books, games, and more. It’s a great place to experience cultures and be able to shop “the world” for gifts.

Feria Mercado de Artesanía (through Jan. 5)

The Artisans Market has been a staple of Madrid for 31 years. It’s not just about perusing the work of the many artists, it also offers 180+ artisan workshops. This market is the perfect place to find unique, handmade items including jewelry, toys, woodworking, musical instruments, ceramics, clothing, and more.