As the seasons begin to change, you will likely start feeling festive. The air gets colder, leaves begin to turn to golden and fiery hues. Living in a shared flat can often take a little bit of the magic out of the holidays, but you can bring the most of this feeling and transform your room into a holiday oasis with these decoration ideas:

  • Wrap your door!

For a cute and easy touch of flair, wrap the outside of your door with your favorite holiday wrapping paper.

  • Buy a Mini Christmas Tree

Several home goods stores carry desk-sized trees that you can even decorate with miniature ornaments.

  • Put Up Lights

A single strand of icicle lights can add a nice holiday ambience to your room. Best part is, you can keep them up year round if you choose!

  • Get Some Candles

During the holidays, many candles with nice Fall and Winter scents can be found on shelves. Light some in your room and be instantly transported into a holiday paradise.

  • Change Your Bedding

You’d be amazed the different a new comforter set on your bed can make! Go for blues or whites that will mimic cold weather.

  • Make Your Own Wreath

This is a great way to get crafty with a custom piece that you can either display on your front door or on the inside walls.

  • Cut Out Paper Snowflakes

Of course, no one wants to be cold indoors. You can bring the snow to your room with a few pieces of paper and a pair of scissors. Once you’ve cut up a few snowflakes, hang them over your bed!

There are plenty of simple and creative ways to decorate your room this Winter, so go wild! With anything that you choose, make sure that cleanup will be simple so that you can move into Spring with ease. Your friends will love coming over to feel the holiday spirit that you’ve created by utilizing a few cheery decorations.