As the year comes to a close, most students reach that point in their semester where the focus switches from assignments to delicious home-cooked meals. Going home for the holidays can be a breath of fresh air that is much needed. But after living away from home for a while, it may take some adjusting to being under your parents’ roof once again.

  • Be Respectful

While you may be used to living by your own rules, it is wise to still follow the household rules set by your parents. Since you will be under their roof, it is important to show them respect. Although you are an adult now and may make other plans during your visit, keep your family’s consideration in mind. Try to avoid coming home at 2AM or ditching family functions to go off and hang out with friends.

  • Know That Things Will Be Different

Just as you have been living a new life at school, your family has also been living a new life. Don’t be surprised if the rooms in your house have been reassigned or if your parents have taken up some new hobbies. They are likely just trying to get used to living in the house without you! Coming home for the holidays is fun because you get to find out what they have been up to as well as share your college stories.

  • Enjoy and Relax

Try to bask in the comfort of home as much as possible! You may feel a sense of boredom or restlessness sweep over you after a couple of days, but remember that this is your vacation time. It is normal to feel this way because life at home is likely going to be less fast-paced than life on campus. Doing nothing isn’t a bad thing, and if you are simply sitting around the living room catching up with your family, that is still a successful vacation.