As the days turn to months, staying warm during the Winter in Madrid can become a challenging task. Even though snowfall is extremely rare, the crisp air and chilly wind have the ability to sneak up on you. Instead of barricading yourself inside all day long, look to these tips for staying warm:

Soup and Tea – Any type of warm liquid is going to help you during the cold months. Drink a bowl of soup or make yourself a glass of tea before going about your day. Getting dressed immediately after doing this will lock in that body heat and make your day a lot more enjoyable and bearable.

Sunshine – While it can feel frigid outside, the sun is still likely going to be shining. Let it in! Opening up the window for 10 minutes can allow the heat in. Put on a coat to avoid becoming cold from the draft. After doing so, you should have a room that is trapped with the warmth of the Spanish sun.

Long Underwear – Wearing long underwear is a must, no matter how silly it looks. Any form of thermal-wear is going to keep your body at a good temperature, therefore making it harder for you to become cold during the day.

Use Your Oven – Cooking something in the oven is a great way to add some heat into the house. After you have finished cooking, turn the oven off and open the door for a little while (make sure pets and children are not allowed in the kitchen). This is a fantastic way to stay warm without relying on your electricity.

Rugs – If you are walking around on your bare floors, it is likely that your feet will get cold quicker. It is wise to stock up on the rugs during the Winter. A fuzzy, warm rug can act as a buffer between your bare feet and the chilly cold. Plus, they add a stylish element to your home!

Have a Fiesta – It sounds funny, but invite your friends and family over! The more people you can cram into your house, the better! Being around one another is a quick way to generate the most body heat as possible.

Candles – If you have a collection of candles in your home, now is the time to use them! Not only will they bring a fantastic aroma into the space, but being around candlelight will make you slightly warmer, as well.

Socks and Layers – Pay attention to the clothing that you are choosing to wear. Opt for socks that are made of sweater material, and don’t forget to wear plenty of layers on your body. Remember, it is important to choose comfort over fashion in order to survive the frigid temperatures.