Madrid, the bustling and historic capital of Spain, offers many exciting activities for you to enjoy! We’ve helped you pick some of the best Madrid has to offer when it comes to team building. Whether it’s for co-workers, students or friends and family, these 5 attractions are sure to bond your team while letting you have a blast.


Beer Pong Madrid

First up, we’ve got Beer Pong Madrid! If you’ve got a group of co-workers from your office, this is the perfect game to play. You’ll get to experience your twenties again and show off your amazing beer pong skills to your co-workers. Located at the Beer Pong Social Club, the adults only event is truly the perfect team-building activity in Madrid. On a Friday night, get off work with your colleagues, let loose and have fun at the Beer Pong Social Club. At only 15 Euros/pax, reserve your spot at one of Madrid’s hottest attractions!

Team Building Madrid

Axe Throwing

Another unconventional team building activity in Madrid is Axe Throwing. Located in the heart of Madrid, near the Atocha Station, learn how to throw an axe at wooden targets. Use 100% real axes and compete with your friends at the axe throwing game. Of course, there’ll be a safety lesson and some practice before the actual game. Fret not, all the safety measures in place will keep you safe from the axes! The game is sure to evoke a sense of competitiveness from everyone, so you’ll get to know just how competitive your friends are!

Team Building Madrid

Escape Game Outdoor

Next up, we have a unique escape game in Retiro Park. One of Spain’s largest and oldest parks, Retiro Park itself will already give you such a special feeling! Adding to the beauty of the park and scenery, you can play this team building game. They employ an engaging storyline and actors to make everything super realistic. Work together and complete the mission with your friends, family or co-workers. This activity is undoubtedly one of the best team building activities in Madrid!

Team Building Madrid

Bubble Football

Never played football before? Don’t worry because you’ll be in a bubble zorb during the game! Everyone will be in large bubble zorbs in a 5-a-side game of football. The bubble zorbs will level the playing field and you might just get the chance to beat the guy who always brags about his football skills! Dribble with the ball and bump opponents out of the way until you score. There’ll be a referee and hosts to keep things smooth, including rotating games and players. Everyone is sure to have a blast playing bubble football. Located at Forus Caja Magica, this is easily among the top 5 team building activities in Madrid!

Team Building Madrid


Football Pick up Game

How about some actual football without the bubble zorbs? Play a game with other locals, tourists and expats at a 7-a-side football game. Regardless of how many people you have, they’ll sort out the teams when you get there for the game. Build camaraderie with your teammates and forge new friendships with other football enthusiasts in Madrid. Experience the strong football culture in Spain while bonding with your friends and co-workers in a friendly game! You can even book a tour of the famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium together with your friends.

Team Building Madrid


These are just some of our favorite picks when it comes to team building in Madrid. There’s still a wide range of adrenaline-filled options available across Madrid. After all, you’ve come to the Madrid, the heart of Spain.