Pizza and cake and soda and pasta – sound like your average weekly affairs? Being in college is a time when a lot of people begin to realize that they can utilize their free will when it comes to food consumption. While it is a fun thought to start your day off with a bowl of ice cream, that isn’t realistic to maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. While eating better may seem like a bore, it will also help you out in ways beyond the physical. When you provide your body the proper nutrients, your brain will also respond and improve your focus and thinking power.

One of the best ways to refrain from indulging in your cravings every single day is to plan out your meals. If you can think of a few go-to foods that sound good ahead of time, you will be less likely to go out to eat or visit a fast-food drive-thru. Pinterest and Facebook have simple recipe ideas that are suitable for all levels of cooking experience and living situations.

Sticking to a routine is also going to benefit you. If you are eating at sporadic times throughout the day, your body will never settle into a schedule. You will also be more likely to grab a snack when you are not even that hungry. Try to eat at around the same time each day to establish this schedule and get your body used to it. Above all, listen to what your body need. Some days, you may need more food to get you by than other days.