Near or far, a change in scenery is always refreshing for a hard-working college student. Life in Madrid can be the perfect experience for a young person who is yearning to explore. Because the city is already filled with students, it is the perfect destination choice for those wishing to study abroad.

  • Remember that the Spanish that you are learning in your home country may differ from the Spanish that is spoken in Madrid. While this can prove to be a challenge, one of the best ways to learn a language is to be completely immersed in it!
  • You will probably get lost, and that is okay! While temporarily living in a new place, the likelihood of getting lost is going to be pretty high. Be sure that you always carry a map or some kind of app on your phone if you do not have the greatest sense of direction. You can also put your Spanish to the test and ask others for help.
  • Leave the city! On your free days, it is encouraged to explore your surroundings. You will get a greater experience if you are able to squeeze in even more destinations. It is not that difficult to do with the extensive and affordable systems of public transportation
  • Indulge in siesta like the locals do. This may be a foreign concept to most visitors, but it is essential for living life in Madrid. The nightlife can be exciting and tempting; you will thank yourself if you had a siesta beforehand.
  • Meet locals! While it is comfortable to interact with students from your college, part of the experience is going to be learning how to surpass cultural differences. You will be able to also gather a better understanding of what it is like to live the daily life in Madrid from your new friends.