Hanging out with friends is ideal, especially when the drinks are flowing and everyone is getting merrier by the minute. It usually only takes one restless mind to suggest that a game is played. Drinking games are fun for obvious reasons; while you are struggling to be the winner of your designated game, you are also getting even more wasted in the process. Check out these game ideas for your next get together:

  1. Zimmy Zimmy

A mix of speed and concentration! The objective of this game is to keep the sequence going. The person who breaks it must drink. At the start, each player is assigned a number by the “Zimmy Master.” Once everyone has been assigned, the clapping begins. While clapping to the beat, the Zimmy Master will shout a number: ex. “Let’s play Zimmy Zimmy! Zimmy Zimmy, four four!”

The person who is assigned the number four must now pick up the pace by saying his own number and then naming another: “four four, seven seven!” You get the idea. All of this happens while the clapping never ceases. You’ll find that the faster you go, the more everyone messes up.

  1. King’s Cup

This game is great when you don’t have much space, or if you are feeling lazy in general. Take a cup and fill it halfway with a beer of your choice. The only other prop you will need is a deck of cards. Once the deck has been shuffled, players must sit around the cup and draw a card one at a time. Each card is designed a different task or rule (complete list here: https://www.beerfestboots.com/kings-cup-rules).

Some cards simply tell you to drink, others will tell you to pour some of your drink into the cup. There are cards that are assigned to focus, and the last one paying attention must drink. Once you get into the game, the rules become second nature. The game ends when the last King has been chosen from the deck. That person must then chug the King’s Cup.

  1. Flip Cup

Put your teams together, and have a battle to see who can complete the game the fastest. You will need a long table and several cups. Fill your cups halfway with beer and have each team stand in a row facing each other across the table. The first team members must chug their beer and then proceed to flip their empty cup so that it lands upright on the table. Once this happens, a waterfall effect takes place.

The next team members must chug their beer and then proceed to flip their cups. The adrenaline rush kicks in, and pretty soon, people will be dropping their cups left and right. It’s a great game to play with a large group of people. First team to successfully drink all their beers and flip all of their cups wins!


  1. Never Have I Ever

Probably the most simple of all the drinking games out there, Never Have I Ever requires nothing more than a drink in hand and honesty. The game is played by someone making a statement about something they have never done. For example, “Never have I ever blacked out from drinking.” The rest of the players must determine if that statement applies to them, and if it does, they must drink.

The game can get highly entertaining, and you will definitely learn a lot more about your friends than you probably ever thought possible. To make things even crazier, you can set a category for your questions, such as, sexual or dirty. By the end of the night, your wildest friends will be the most hammered.

  1. Beer Pong

That classic that we all know and love, Beer Pong. This game probably requires the most physical activity out of them all, but it proves to be hilariously entertaining. Set up your cup formations on opposite ends of a long table and compete in teams to see who can land more ping pong balls.

If you want to switch things up, fill the cups with varied liquors such as vodka, tequila, and whiskey. Play with caution, because mixing drinks will ensure that everybody leaves the party totally wasted! You can even try blindfolding the players for even more added difficulty.

6. Battle Shot

A blast from your childhood past, this game combines strategy with alcohol! It is an intense one-on-one game of wit. Secretly arrange your shots on your side of the game board. To determine the first player, use a coin toss. Use your instincts to see if you are able to sink your opponent’s ships.

Your guesses will be made in the form of coordinates, for example, A-5. Don’t forget to keep track of your guesses on a coordinates map! You can incorporate other players into the mix by letting the winner stay seated for as long as they have a streak. But watch out, too many shots and the leader might falter.

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By Kristen Nadel.