The time of year when parties are flooded with a sea of green and a seemingly endless supply of beer – St. Patrick’s Day! The best part about this holiday is that it seems to only revolve around drinking, which gives you the perfect opportunity to throw an incredible party. If you want to host one that goes beyond the standard theme of showing up, wearing green, and drinking a ton of beer, look no further for your drinking game inspiration.

Pass the Clover – For this one, designate one person to hold the clover. This person gets to choose one wish that the other partygoers must follow. This can be anything from making people walk backwards to making people kiss if they end up in a doorway together. Be creative! Once the wish is fulfilled, the clover is then passed along to the next guest who must chug their drink and make their own wish. You can play this game throughout the entirety of the party.

Pot of Gold – Hide various chocolate coins throughout your house. As your guests find them, they get to designate one person to drink. This is a fun and simple addition to any party, and can even be a nice icebreaker if you are inviting people from various friend groups.

Irish Hour – Just like Power Hour, the rule is simple! Everyone is given a shot glass filled with beer, and at a minute past the hour, all must drink. Repeat this 60 times, and watch the party get very merry.

Lucky Charms – Take a quarter and have one person flip it into the air. The person next to them must call heads or tails. If they are incorrect, the loser must chug their drink. Repeat until everyone has had a chance to play.

Irish Poker – Grab a deck of cards and deal 4 faces down. The player to the left of the dealer must guess whether the first card is red or black. If he is correct, he gets to designate another player to take a shot, but if he is incorrect, he must drink. Proceed around the table in the same fashion.

There will not be a shortage of drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, so keep it interesting! Many of these games can be adjusted to your liking, and it is encouraged that you have fun with them. Any party filled with entertainment and beer is bound to be a successful one.