As the seasons begin to change, so do the clothing styles. Madrid is known for being a fashion-forward city, creating trends of its own in any climate. One of the best indicators to a city’s personal style is by taking a look at what the actual residents are choosing to wear. Here are some notable trends that are appearing in Madrid as people begin to bundle up for the year:

Black tights are a staple item in any woman’s wardrobe. To keep warm, pair them with a statement coat! The belt around the middle creates a shapely and classic Winter look that is suitable for day or night.

Don’t be afraid to wear color! In men’s fashion, making a statement with a colorful item of clothing is on trend. Pairing this with a simple second piece, and you will have a completed look.

Layering is something that is commonly seen in Madrid. Being able to layer different colors and textures will make for an outfit that appears stylish, yet also practical. A layered outfit will get you through the entirety of your day.

Hats are not only a stylish accessory, but also a way to keep your hair in place on windy days. The people of Madrid love to accessorize, and you will likely see plenty of different styles of hats being worn throughout Winter.

Leather items are a great choice to wear in Madrid. While leather is stylish, it is also practical for keeping you warm. Seen here, a leather jacket is paired with a bag, making for a completed and fashionable look.


If you want to dress like a local, this is a selection of what Winter fashion looks like in Madrid. As the temperatures begin to fall, you can take inspiration from some of the above outfits to create your own!